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Find the Stones

There are eight elements scattered throughout this vast world. It's your destiny to find them and make sure they don't make it into the wrong hands. Find the stones. Save the world.

adventure awaits

Explore the open world the way you like, on your own time. Mount creatures to get around faster. Build the tree house of your dreams. The path to saving the world is yours to forge.

Harness Elemental magic

You will gain more power with each element you find. Collect all of the elemental fragments to increase your magical abilities. Use your magic wisely. Elements are affected by others in unique ways.

Gear Up

There are tons of weapons, armor and elemental gear to find and craft. Mix and match your gear to suit your play style and express yourself.

Couch Co-op

While Elements is amazing to play alone, it is so much fun playing together. Split up to gather resources faster or team up to take down a big boss. Unlock the mysteries of Elements with family and friends.

With support from Epic MegaGrants

Elements is coming to Kickstarter soon. Follow on Kickstarter to be notified when we go live.

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